I will transform your home into a unique retreat of harmony, luxury and elegance. I will mix periods and styles to arrive to the result that is normaly achived only be natural passing of time over many generations. I will apply classical, renaissance or baroque elements to create a space of timeless and immortal beauty. The kind of beauty we seek when we go to Rome, Florence, Venice or Pompey.

About the artist:

Anatoly Ivanov received his formal art training in Moscow. After moving to the US in the seventies, Anatoly worked in a variety of media: fine art, book illustrations and interior design. His paintings are in many private collections in Paris, Moscow, New York, New Jersey, Chicago, Aspen, Miami, Washington and other cities. In the past 10 years his passion for archetectural design led him to study under the renowned European masters of ornamental plastering and fresco, gilding, faux finishes, mosaic and other elements of interior design. He is applying his mastery to create one-of-a-kind classic interiors. Anatoly lives with his family in Bridgewater New Jersey.


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